The Tools of the Trade

I’ve been writing a lot recently. In fact, I’m churning out nearly a piece a day, sometimes more. They have given me a laptop to work on, but for some reason I still find it more comfortable to work on a mobile phone than with the computer they gave me. The beauty of writing on mobile is that I can write on the go so when I commute I can write on the bus while making that two hour ride back home. Plus it’s really great when you’re going to an event and you have to live tweet what’s happening.

Anyway,  I decided to share with you the tools and apps I’m currently using right now that make writing on the go that much easier. Here they are:

1) An honest to goodness phablet

When I started this blog, I was writing exclusively on my old Sony Xperia Z3. I had gotten pretty handy with that thing and the fact I can nearly take it anywhere makes it really awesome. I had a few problems here and there, like a camera that overheats (it gets really annoying especially when you want to take a really important picture and somehow it gets into its mind to start overheating and shutting down) or some non-responsive parts of the screen. I loved that phone as a lot of my early stuff is on that and I had great memories stored in there but I needed more.

Somewhere along the line, I just thought to heck with it and I invested in a phablet. I wanted a bigger screen and a better camera, plus a faster processor. I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s pretty awesome and I’m writing a lot faster now. Getting a phablet means you have more space to write and I can scan my drafts faster now. I haven’t fully unlocked the potential of the stylus but soon I might be incorporating more of it into my work as soon as I get the hang of it.

I haven’t tried an Apple iPhone yet so feedback on that regard would be great.

2) The WordPress App

You know why I chose WordPress over all the other blogging sites? It’s because of this nifty app. Having the WordPress app means that I can edit on the fly and I can upload my work wherever I am. It’s hard to do this on a conventional browser and I was glad that Android had this available on the Play Store.

3) Jotterpad

There’s a lot of writing apps out there but I think Jotterpad is the best one of the bunch. Not only is it free, but the design is so easy to use that I fell in love with the interface. I upgraded to a premium account and I got a thesaurus and even a rhyming dictionary (my poetry sucks at the moment though).

4) SwiftKey

A custom keyboard is definitely a must. SwiftKey is so awesome because of two reasons. One, it can predict what your next word is going to be based on how you write so writing on the fly is just that much faster. Second, you get dictionaries in other languages so writing in the vernacular is much easier. I downloaded both the Tagalog and the Spanish language packs to make my writing more intuitive.

5) A Pomodoro Timer

Okay. What’s a Pomodoro timer? Basically some management expert said that you have to take regular, frequent breaks to keep your brain agile and running at peak performance. The Pomodoro timer breaks down work into twenty five minute work periods called pomodoros (in Italian, tomato). I assume that’s the time it takes for a tomato to turn into tomato sauce. Then after every twenty five minute work period, you take a five minute break. After four pomodoros, you take a much longer break and then you repeat the cycle all over again.

It is awesome I tell you. The twenty five minute work periods keep your focus laser tight because you don’t want to waste that 25 minutes where you should be working. The breaks give you time to stretch and walk around a bit before you return to the grind.

6) A Music App

Spotify. Deezer. What have you. The only reason I chose Deezer was because I had a free premium account on it due to my contract. Music gets you into a groove and it drowns out the voices of the people working around you.

A word on music however. Choose music that doesn’t have too much lyrics in it. I love rock and rap as much as the next person, but sometimes it gets distracting. My writing playlist is usually Chillstep or Melodic Dubstep. Repetitive music that doesn’t make you think too much.

Anyway, that’s it. Just remember that whatever you use, the talent,  the actual writing comes from you. I may not be the best writer in the blogosphere but take my word for it, nothing beats actually writing to improve your craft. Get writing, post it on your blog and let people express their opinion, open it for criticism. That is how you learn. That is how you go to become the best writer you can be. So remember, keep writing!

Feel free to shoot me any questions on the above topic. I’ll be happy to oblige. Oh and in no way is this a paid advertisement. Just my honest opinion and my recommendations on what to use and stuff.



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  1. I use SwiftKey as well and it’s as great as you say. I’ll check out jotterpad today. I use Evernote for that purpose.

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