Here for the Ocean

The Pacific Ocean was misnamed.

When Magellan was crossing it, the sailors thought it was unusually quiet, not like the stormy Atlantic. That’s why they named it Pacifico – peaceful. 

The truth is, it’s just as filled with as much storms and bad weather as the Atlantic, sometimes even more so. It was just a stroke of good luck that for the entire year that they were traveling the Pacific Ocean, they didn’t encounter a storm – not a single one. You could say that it was destiny that they arrived here on this far flung group of islands.

But, that isn’t the point of this I guess. Remember that I think of you like the ocean? It was because you were so calm and you had this strength that just amazes everyone that we instinctively think of you as this amazing superwoman that just saves the day every time. Lord knows you’ve saved me so many times. 

But like the sailors with Magellan, we don’t go to see the storms that cross your life. Your strength and your wisdom and your toughness, it hides away how much you’ve been through. I’ve seen you carry everyone that I fear that you’ll be crushed under all that weight. 

There’s much to admire about you, mumsht. But I do worry about you. So here’s a promise. If you ever need anything, just tell me. I’ll try to support you in whatever way possible. I’m not as solid as you. I’m as flighty as the wind. But sometimes the wind can lend its strength to the ocean to create gigantic waves. 

And if my meager powers do not suffice, I will pray that the Lord will deliver.

And like the ocean, maybe God will tell you to be still and just let Him take over. And when that happens, we can walk on water like Peter. 

Stay strong, girl who reminds me of the ocean. Keep making waves, mumsht. 

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  1. what a love letter!


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