Unanswered Prayers

Once thirty years ago, they recorded the last mating call of the Kauai o’o. It is a plaintive cry of a male bird, looking for a mate that will never come.

The Kauai o’o they recorded was the last of its kind. The bird died out in 1987, and its beautiful, haunting song will never be heard in the wild ever again.

Sometimes prayers are like that. We call out. We ask for things that we cannot have. We pray for forgiveness for the unforgiveable. We plead for gifts that weren’t meant for us.

We wonder sometimes if there’s anyone out there answering all our prayers. Like you, like me, like everyone else, nobody can be sure.
We could all be o’oes calling for something that will not come.
But still we call. Still we sing. Still we pray.

Because like the o’o’s song, all our prayers are beautiful in their own way. And we keep adding to the beauty of this world with our prayers, answered or not.

So, continue praying mumsht. Add to the beauty of this world like you always do.

As always, I continue to pray for you. I pray for strength when you feel weak, courage when you falter, and happiness when sorrow visits you.

I pray for a good week for both of us – even if my heart feels heavy and everything seems dim. I’d like to think that at the very least, even if our prayers become unanswered, we add something beautiful to this world.

Keep making waves, mumsht. 🌊🌊🌊 I love you, Joyce.

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  1. Hey, there–

    Don’t know how your latest post came to my mailbox; glad to receive it.

    Don’t know if you’re able to track occasional check-ins to your website,* which I do every now and then, when I “hunger” for some good writing.

    Anyways… sending you good vibes. Perla


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