A Reminder for the Ocean

The thing about the ocean is that it really has little control over the way it moves. 

The wind pulls it one way and it follows. The earth shifts a little and you get a tidal wave. A little heat here and a little cold there and you get the currents that span the globe. 

It’s a lack of control that may be frustrating especially for someone like you. I feel like it’s been a tough week for you. 

Hopefully, this will be a reminder for you.

Even if you can’t control everything, you being you is powerful.

No matter where you move, you make an impact. You can sweep away whole cities with a sweep of your waves. You can give a child happiness in the small eddies of your tides. You nourish. You strengthen. You give purpose and meaning. 

You are amazing, girl who reminds me of the ocean. You are mysterious and unpredictable and a wonder.  Don’t forget that.

Keep making waves. I love you.

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  1. You are amazing, too! Keep writing! 🙂


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