You Remind Me of The Ocean

You remind me of the ocean. Have I ever told you that? That’s my image of you because of how calm you are all the time. Unflappable, you can walk through a storm and come out with the same level-headedness that has been your signature all this time.

Yet to say that you’re only calm would be a disservice to you. Because like the ocean, you have a depth that amazes me day in and day out. You have an unyielding strength that forces its way, like a tidal wave that sweeps everything in its path.

Yet at the end of the day, we all flock to the ocean, because despite its strength, despite its depth, it gives us a sense of peace. Because we know in our heart of hearts that sometimes you just have to surrender to something bigger than you.

You are that person. You are larger than life. I guess that’s why your name is Joyce because you bring that to the table – joy. You bring happiness. The one that calms the storms in our hearts and minds.  We are only but mere recipients of this peace and joy that you bring.

And for that we are forever thankful.


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  1. Si Joyce Pring ba to? Awh hahaha joke 😀
    Hi Joyce! If you’re reading this, thank you for bringing joy to the table ❤


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