Little Steps, Giant Leaps

Progressive overload is a simple concept – keep on adding weight until you reach  the point where you can’t add anymore. The irony is that it makes failure a certainty, almost a goal even, and the proper way to do it is to delay the point of failure for a long as possible. You add a little bit more each day, taking tiny increments to reach an undefined point in time. 

Even then, you will still fail. You will find yourself stuck at some point and you think to yourself that this is a total waste of time. You begin to ask yourself what is the point of all this. You look at the mirror and you find yourself angry and disheartened at the person in front of you. 

When failure comes you always have three options. The first is that you say fuck it, I’m done and you walk away and never know what you could have become. The second is you try again the next day and see if you can do it. The third is you take a step back and train until you can go beyond that point of failure. It is the point of failure which tests which kind of human being you are. 

You see, progressive overload is life. Failure is life. No matter what you do, you will inevitably fail. Life will deck you on the chin and you will take a fall. It’s up to you if you want to get up and take on life again. Just remember that it takes a thousand tiny steps to make one gigantic leap. Each failure is a platform for you to jump higher or to take the leap downward into oblivion. Don’t let failure stop you from being who you can become. That is how you become giants. 
Ang Huling Hugotero


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  1. You fall and rise again and again. I am hosting a blog party right now and you are invited.

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  2. Hi Ang, wow, I like this post a lot. Yes, very good thoughts about how to become giants. Good to meet you, please come visit:

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  3. I like this piece. Thanks for sharing

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  4. Hi! Dropping by. Petiks sa work eh. Hehe

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  5. watsup Ang Huling Hugotero i really like the advice you gave keep it up

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