Finding Good Health and Wellbeing in the Philippines

One of the sustainable development goals is the good health and wellbeing in the Philippines. I’m currently in the middle of writing one and my creativity is currently running on fumes.

One of the best advice I’ve had in writing a story is to read, and so I’m crowdsourcing. Anyone have a short story to share? Post one below and I’ll read it over the long weekend.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s one of my earlier work. The Cellist. I wrote it during my early days in this writing business and you can see that it’s really really raw work. It’s sort of a metaphor how you can channel hugot and emotion and love into your artwork. That’s how I tried to write way back then when I was a sad puppy.

Anyway, please do share your stories! I’ll read it, I promise!

Ang Huling Hugotero


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  1. I wrote something as a submission piece for the Saranggola Blog Awards

    This blogging and writing business is hard, I’m not even sure if I’m combing back, but reading your Cellist piece was definitely refreshing, and to aspire to someday write something as beautiful as that somehow keeps me on this blogging business, to discover the world of humanity and emotions through writing. Have a nice day Hugotero.

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