The Chili’s Big Mouth Burger Bites

Pinoy Burger Boy!

Oh look baby burgers!

I’m talking about sliders, those tiny little burgers that fit so conveniently in your mouth.  No they are not named after a semi-popular They are called sliders supposedly because of the way they slide across the griddle.  Sliders came into popularity because of White Castle, the same White Castle that Harold and Kumar tried so hard to reach to satisfy their post-weed munchies.

I like sliders simply because it makes it so much easier for a person to eat a burger.  The best burgers are simply too large and a slider gives you control.  Instead of flopping around helplessly, a slider is perfect in your hands and you have absolute control of its destiny.


Some of the best sliders can be be found in Chili’s, an American chain that has been here longer than I could remember.  If you’ve lived in Makati long enough you would…

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  1. huhu i’m reading @ 1:15am and i live in manila.. no chili’s here. huhuhu, this is your fault. lol jk! one of my faves

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