Ebe Dancel

“Hey fam, who hurt you? Who hurt you bruh?“

If ever I was invited to an Ebe Dancel meet and greet and I could only ask one question, this would be mine.  I mean what else could ask? His songs could only be written by a wounded man, the pain in his songs so intense it feels like someone is stabbing you.

I first heard of Ebe Dancel way back in college when he was part of the appropriately named Sugarfree.  Although they sang of heartbreak, you couldn’t really say they were love songs, hence the lack of sugar so to speak. Sugarfree songs are best for rainy nights (like tonight), alone, huddled in the corner while you softly let your eyes weep out every trace of sadness.  Catharsis, in short.

When Sugarfree disbanded, everybody thought that was the end of it.  Yet Ebe Dancel continued, still writing his heartwrenching songs. In a way, his songs are more powerful now, being a solo act adds a certain vulnerability to his songs.  I remember one live set,  he just walked off the stage and sang to everybody, and he became a living transmitter of raw emotion.

Ebe Dancel is the first and the original Hugotero. STseems the best way to heal something is to break it again until it sets the correct way. Listen to him and feel your heart break again.  Maybe we’ll find out who hurt him in the process.

Listen to him here:
Wag Ka Nang Umiyak
Paalam Kahapon


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  1. Awww. “Fade Away” will always be one of my favorite songs. Timeless kung timeless. 🙂

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  2. Familiar shot at 19 East! I remember him, exactly walking off the stage and serenading. When did you capture this? 🙂


  3. Ngayon ko lang siya nakilala. 😀
    Two thumbs up. 🙂

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