A Little Bit Of Crowdsourcing

I wanted to submit one of my stories to the Palanca’s but apparently I missed the deadline 😂

Given this setback,  I have decided to think positive and wait a full year to submit a story.  Anyway, I’ll do a little crowdsourcing and ask you guys which story of mine would you like me to submit?  What’s your favorite AHH kuwento?

I have favorites among my stories but that taints my judgment and you my dear readers are the best judge of my work. I know I’m just an amateur writer so I’m not even sure if I can even get in the contest, but hey it doesn’t hurt to aim high.  Plus my end goal is to br a Booker Prize winner so I have to start somewhere.

Also, are there any literary contests out there that I can join?


Add yours →

  1. Sayang di ka nakasali…inaabangan ko din yan…pero di ako sasali…magbabasa lang hahaha…

    Favorite ko yung tikbalang story haha

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  2. Palanca letter lang kaya kong isulat. Fulfill your dreams Ared. May potential ka maging writer. Huwag mo lang ako kalimutan. Huwag mo ako isnabin kapag magpapapicture ako sa book signing mo.

    Btw… Isang beer lang, masaya na ako.


  3. Invisible Girl pala favorite ko

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