The Champ

The Champ! A review by yours truly.

Pinoy Burger Boy!


Let’s start this epic journey into Pinoy Burgerdom by starting with the most Pinoy of Burgers. This should be the baseline burger by which I judge every other burger thereafter.  I ordered some takeout from the ubiquitous giant bee that is everywhere in the metro and I got their marquee burger – The Champ.

I should start by saying this comment, Jollibee should be pushing this product more. What I always hate when going to Jollibee and then I order the Champ is that they always seem make you wait for ten to fifteen minutes. It’s like they do not want people eating this burger.

Anyway, the Champ comes in the box and lo and behold, there it is, in all its one-third pound glory.  Except what greets you is anything but glorious. It looks like a burger that had the most awesome sex ever and you just walked in…

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  1. ui welcome back :p

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  2. If you’re doing a pinoy burger series, you can’t leave out the infamous Angel’s Burger haha. Great post btw.

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  3. Have you tried eating in Charbroiled Gourmet here in BF? GAD YOU BETTER!!! 😊🍔🍔🍔

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