Not the Huling Hugot

Whew! Hello folks! I’m back!

Well more or less back. I have to apologize as I did promise that I would finish the A to Z challenge although I never quite got around to finishing it. If you have read my blog before, you would know that I was working for one of the candidates for the Presidency and that generally makes blogging about anything else very difficult, especially an election as heated as this one. That being said, this project has made me realize that: 1) Politics is as crazy and as dangerous as everyone has said it would be; 2) the work that I did has been the best work I have ever done and 3) the emotions involved are so powerful, especially when you work for one of the most honorable people you can find.

In any case, what do I do now? What happens with Ang Huling Hugotero? Fear not! Ang Huling Hugotero will still continue and I plan to be writing more regularly now.

So what do I intend to do?

First I have two stories lined up that I want to finish. If you want to backtrack and read my early work, then that would be much appreciated. Here are some of my best stories if you’re interested:

Underneath the Mango Tree
Interdimensional Love Story No. 1

Second, I will be working as a blogger for a non-profit organization which aims to help developing communities all over the Philippines. I’ll post the link when we are up and running.

And finally, I’ll be making a side project blog called Pinoy Burger Boy! I realized that if I write about my other passion, which is food, then it just doesn’t fit the profile of this blog. I’ll be blogging about burgers and probably other sandwiches. Do please visit it.


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  1. Welcome back! πŸ˜€

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  2. Welcome back!

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  3. Didn’t know that there were any honorable candidates in Philippine politics… or anywhere, for that matter.

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  4. Welcome back! Gusto ko mabasa opinions/views mo while working for a candidate. Parang insider view lalo na super heated nung election na to

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