Baby making music. If ever there was a more important sub-genre of music, none are as important as baby making music. It should be in its own folder, tucked away in your players, to be whipped out when you finally meet the woman or man of your dreams. Then you make sweet, sweet love under the covers, bodies moving, grinding to the beat. It’s importance is paramount and should never ever be ignored. To do so would be a repudiation of all things right and good in this world. It is that important.

Thus given the importance of this sub-genre of music, it comes as a shock that OPM is woefully under represented in this field. To be fair, you have Jagabonga but that is not baby making music, it is angry sex music, a vastly different genre. You have also have South Border and that’s about it. The fact that the South Border has almost disappeared off the map does not bode well.

Enter Sud. This somewhat large collection of conservatory trained musicians come together  to spread the gospel of baby making music. Their music fits into that silky smooth groove that speaks of snuggling against the warmth of another person, your bodies are entwined together, and you just do not where you begin and where the other person ends. This is the music that is in the background when you share something so intimate that you just want to cry. This is the music of intermingled sweat and carbon dioxide, of shared things that are beautiful yet taboo at the same time.

Sud is the OPM version of baby making music.  For that alone, they are worthy of a listen and a permanent place on your playlist.

Watch them here:



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  1. Sobrang papi nila and their songs are beautiful

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  2. Baby making music did make some grown ups today.

    Blog: QueendSheena
    2016 A to Z Participant
    Joy Brigade Minion

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