Taken from Quest's FB page

Filipino hip hop has a distinct flavor. When Francis Magalona and Andrew E started rapping, it paved the way for other seminal artists like Gloc-9, Abra  and Mike Swift. There is something about the way they rap that make them sound distinctly Filipino.

Jose Villanueva III, otherwise known by the moniker Quest, does not sound Filipino. If you want me to place it, his music sounds like something more that would fit in the streets of  LA. There is an undefinable otherness to his music. And that is not a bad thing at all. It gives him a unique voice in hip hop scene that makes him stand out.

It also helps that he raps and sings mostly about positivity and nationalism. He harps on themes about working together and being proud of where you come from. Quest to me is the music you listen to when you need a quick pick me up, when you have lost all hope. Quest is the bright ray of sunshine that pierces that darkness that wraps us all.

That to me is at the very least commendable. 

Watch him here:
Sige Lang
No Greater Love



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  1. Hope is definitely a commendable thing to share, especially through song.

    Blog: QueendSheena
    2016 A to Z Participant
    Joy Brigade Minion


  2. ibang iba siya sa usual Pinoy rap music he he saka maaliwalas pakinggan 😀

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