Taken from the Philia FB page

Before I begin let’s get the elephant out of the room first. Yes, that is Arci Muñoz. Arci is arguably one of the most beautiful celebrities in show business right now. I could write for days on how absolutely gorgeous she is.

Except this is not about Arci the celebrity, this is about Arci the rocker. Fair warning, by rock I mean hard core, balls to the wall rock. This is metal. Although I exaggerate this a bit, as Philia is a bit tamer than the underground scene, Philia is something you cannot reconcile with Arci’s current image right now.

So the next question is,  are they good? The answer is yes and comparisons to Flyleaf are apparent. The problem is that the word “poseur” gets thrown around a lot, which is unfortunate. I don’t know if it’s because of Arci being a celebrity or the fact that she is pretty but Philia deserves better. For a scene that is supposed to be anti-establishment and constantly harping on being non-judgmental, they are fairly quick to dismiss somebody as being fake and are pretty closed minded themselves.

Just a suggestion: Maybe they could try listening with their eyes closed. That could solve their allergic reaction to anything beautiful.

Watch them here:
‘Til Death Do Us Part



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  1. Damn, she can scream :O I found out from one of Kris’ segments that she was a part of a metal group but I didn’t expect this. It’s definitely different from her image atm.

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  2. OMG. si Arci. sobrang weird. kasi iba itsura niya sa musika nya or whatever. pero ang hot nya ha ha ha ha

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