Has it occurred to anyone that the idea that we are being brainwashed by media is in fact a product of the supposed brainwashing of media itself? It’s a staple of movies and books and television shows.

The thing is the main purpose of media is the transmission of ideas and the troublesome thing with ideas is that they take root. Hate and love, war and peace, misogyny and egalitarianism, all share equal space in media.

Most people assume that media should be changed. Some people even think that media should be controlled or abolished together. That I think is the wrong way to go about this, because that means the death of the idea. The lack of ideas is far more dangerous than the overload of information.

Aldub. Jadine. Curtis. Alejar. Miranda. Ressa. Tulfo. Failon. Davila. Enriquez. Twister. Locsin. Arias. And dare I say, Hugotero. Heroes and liars, one and all. Loud voices in a sea of voices. Do not get me wrong. Media does brainwash. It is our job to sift through the lies and truths to find the ideas and values we hold dear. The opposite scenario is far more dangerous.


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  1. Media, as in mass communication, is for the widespread dissemination of ideas. In a perfect world, those ideas will come from various sources, preferrably of contrasting persuasions for healthy discussions. Without media, we will all be in our little worlds. No (mental) growth. No sharing of innovations. No criticism. And no inane postings, either!

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  2. Actually, anjan na talaga ang media. Hindi na sila maalis as well as their influence sa tao. It’s really just up to us. Nasa atin na kung magpapa brain wash tayo. Nasa atin na kung magpapauto tayo. Maybe… Its us who should change. Minsan kasi OA tayo makapag react and we oftentimes make/assume ideas brought by media. At the end of the day, I think that it’s us who should change the way we get, interpret and understand a certain topic, issue or news

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