Oh, Flamingo

Taken from Oh, Flamingo's FB page

Throwbacks carry a certain kind of street cred.   On one hand, they sound so familiar yet you just cannot quite place where you heard them. On the other, they sound like a change of pace to everything you have been listening to.

Oh, Flamingo fits into that paradox very well. They sound a lot like something you have heard before yet you cannot place where you have heard them. In that cusp of familiarity and opacity, you find a vibrant youthful spirit that speaks beyond its years. Oh, Flamingo is the Filipino answer to Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. They have that same otherness that tries to push boundaries with the familiar.

One gets the feeling that they took a studied approach to making music, and then they used that knowledge to turn what they make inside down. At the very least, this boldness demands a listen.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Watch them here:
Two Feet
She Feels



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  1. OMG. salamat sa pagshare. ang ganda ng mga kanta. bakit hindi ko sila kilala haha

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