Nyko Maca

Taken from Nyko Mata's FB page

It is a bit ironic that Latin music never made it big here in the Philippines. After all, we have a shared history with our Latino brothers and sisters on the other side of the Pacific. We also share a profound love of music that is pervasive in both our cultures.

Chalk it up to Americans introducing us to pop and rock. Our OPM is nearly indistinguishable from American music. We have less sex, more love in our music but you can’t deny that we sound the same. On the other hand, Latin Music’s influences remain on the Iberian and African side of things.

Nyko Maca is the lone voice of the wilderness for Latin Music in the Philippines. And what a beautiful voice it is. There is a quality with her singing that simply raises goosebumps. Always on point, with a register that you can feel in your nether regions.

It is a shame that Latin music and Brazil fusion just does not take off here in the Philippines. At the very least, we should listen to its premier ambassador on this side of the globe.

Watch her here:
Turn My Head
Next Chapter



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  1. Weird pakinggan yung latin beats tapos Tagalog hehehe

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  2. Aaaah – I don’t know much about the philippines… except that you have an endangered crocodile! ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

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  3. Iba talaga ang Latin beats. I listened to one of here songs there were a lot of half tempos. Then, unusual kasi tagalog. Yet, it is a new genre fun to be spread here in the Philippines. We only need to be used in listening to it. Less exposure then kasi music nya sa mainstream media natin.

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    • Agreed. There is also an association with an older set with this type of music. The younger crowd is the mainstream so they dictate the trends and whatnot.

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      • Agree po ako nyan. Although, there are several younger crowds do prefer the music before. Music before has a deep sense of connection and relationship. They are not simply creating sound. They are creating a senseful music. Techno sounds are, I think, trendy to the young ones.

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