Kettle Mata

Taken from Kettle Mata's FB page

Someone once told me that a great storyteller is not necessarily a great writer, but on the other hand, a great writer is always a great storyteller. I think this concept can be applied to music as well. Great musicians tell great stories with the music they make. This is not necessarily just with their singing. Instruments also tell wonderful stories. The point here however is that stories are important in making great music. Without stories, music just becomes noise.

This concept is embodied by Kettle Mata. He goes around the bar circuit telling stories with his songs and his guitar. The thing you would notice about Kettle’s music is that there is a veneer of sadness in the songs he writes. I could only describe his music in two words –  beautiful sadness. If you go way back in this blog (my first post actually), I tried to tackle a question  which someone asked of me. She asked me if there was such a thing as beautiful sadness. I could not tell her what that was, but I told her there is such a thing. I think Kettle’s music is an example of beautiful sadness.

In a way, Kettle’s songs are the huling hugots made into music. Like him, I too want to make beautiful sadness with the stories I write.

Watch him here:
Mula Noon
Crazy For Love
Dalawang Mundo



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  1. Beautiful sadness. Words that caught my attention! I loved it.

    The kind of sadness some would love to experience once in a while, enjoy it a little bit longer before releasing it all (or not). The sadness we feel in our favorite sad songs as we drink our last cup of coffee alone in an empty coffee shop while it’s pouring rain outside. The sadness one’s music (or any form of art) brings out as we listen (or stare at them) as if knowing them intimately.

    If Kettle Mata could stimulate such wonderful feeling, I shall know him–listen and feel his music. Thank you! 😀

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