Imbue No Kudos

Taken from the Imbue No Kudos FB page

When I was but a wee lad trying (and failing) to survive in UP Diliman, I discovered this wonderful radio station that played only rock music all the time. That station was NU 107.5 which is still my ideal standard for a radio station in the Philippines. I remember sleeping to really loud rock music playing in the background, somehow it was the only thing that kept me calm and made me forget that I was separated from my friends who all went to other schools.

So I was mildly surprised when I heard that Imbue No Kudos was still around. I kept hearing them getting plugged by the NU DJs back then. Here is the problem: I could not remember ever actually listening to them. I could not even remember a single song.

Given this singular predicament, I took this opportunity to get reacquainted with the band. I downloaded one album from Deezer (legally of course –  say no to piracy) and I gave it a spin.

The music was great. The drumwork was intense. The guitars were on point. The vocals made them sound like a foreign band. It rocked. Period.

I was kind of bugged that I still could not remember if I heard them before or not. Then listening to a few more tracks, I began to realize why. It was nu-metal. Post-grunge music. They sounded like a shit ton of other bands. I can hear a strong influence of Incubus, maybe even a bit of Metallica. Back
then, you would have been lost among the sea of nu-metal bands plying the airwaves.

And somehow, they survived. The veil is now lifted. They are now a singular voice in the scene and you can see their excellence shine through. This time, sans NU 107.5, I make sure that I listen to them now, cranking the volume as high as possible. This blast from the past is more than welcome. I refuse to follow their advice and I imbue them with much kudos aplenty.

Watch them here:
Welcome to Surrender
To Manifest
To Hold Everything Above



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  1. Haha. Alam ko nga lang din yung name nung band pero wala akong maalalang kanta

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  2. Another empty room and pictures of our old times
    A sense of fear remains, ready to take its part to share
    I don’t want to find a way to get in
    I just need a fire to keep me breathing

    Ayan, Behind A Paper Wall lyrics… Hehe. One of the bands I love seeing perform live. Iba energy e. Brings back memories when I used to frequent Rakrakan events, tsaka Pulp, tsaka Muziklaban. Hahaha.

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