Giniling Festival

Taken from Giniling Festival FB page

One of the most pervasive elements of the Filipino identity is comedy. Humor comes naturally to Filipinos. In a way, it is something of a coping mechanism. We laugh at tragedy.  We laugh at the world. We laugh with the world. We laugh at everything because there simply is not anything else to be done. It does not erase our problems, but it does for a moment give us respite from thinking about every little problem.

That is why in a country like the Philippines, humor and music often mix. Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee and even the Eraserheads have long used humor in their respective repertoire. Newer bands like Tanya Markova exist primarily in the cusp of comedy rock.

One shining example of this phenomenon is Giniling Festival. At first listen, they sound like a post-grunge metal band, reminiscent of System of A Down. Except at closer scrutiny, the lyrics and the inventive wordplay reveals more than its fair share of humor. It also helps that their drummer is this guy.

Taken from Bogart the Explorer's FB page

However they are not just funny. They are actually very good. They have the musical chops to elevate their music from novelty to artistry.

In the end, we got a band who is clearly having fun with what their doing. They are just really really excellent at what they do.

Watch them here:



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  1. Awesome post. These guys are one of my favorite local bands. They know how to play not only a show but also the crowd.

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  2. Haha. Ngayon ko lang napagtantong si Bogart pala ang drummer nila….baket ganon LOL😂😂😂

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  3. Loved the band since Siling Giniling. Can I suggest some bands you might want to check – like Imbue No Kudos, and Chongkeys? Back to Giniling Festival, my personal fave is “Psycho” for the lyrics and its video.

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