Photo taken from Fastpitch's FB page

It is somewhat serendipitous that I write this in Cebu City, the Queen City of the South. More than a decade ago, two bands came from Cebu, and without warning, took over the local music scene. Everybody was caught unawares. Nobody knew about the burgeoning music scene in Cebu back then. They were loud. They were massive. And more importantly, they made awesome, balls to the wall, music.

Those bands are Urbandub and Franco and some versions of those bands still play today. The other thing this Cebuano phenomenon produced is the emergence of other Visayan bands.

Faspitch was one of them. If the Cebuano Rock scene was a brotherhood, Urbandub was the brazen middle child, Franco was the much mellower Kuya, and Faspitch, well let us just say that it is the loudest bunso.

Clearly taking a cue from the emo screamo bands of the noughties, they screamed and growled their way into the scene. What sets them apart is the fact that they are really good musicians. Their lead vocals can actually sing. Their guitar work is brilliant. And do not get me started on the drums. Their drummer is probably one of the best in the business right now.

Fans would also immediately recognize a certain familiarity with their music. They sound like a harder, more frenetic version of Urbandub and Franco. That is probably because most them frequently does sessions for both of those bands.

I understand that this type of music might not appeal to everyone. But at the end of the day, they are what they are. No curveballs. No underhand throws. Just a blistering fast pitch straight down your gullet.

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  1. OH, I haven’t heard of Faspitch (or maybe I’m just not that updated). 🙂
    I think Phylum has started playing outside Cebu as well and had some of their songs translated to Tagalog.

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  2. Maganda nga ah 😆😆

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  3. Even on live performances, Faspitch slays. Henry Allen’s vocals is strong and powerful. Was actually looking for “Dweller” to be included in the songs you’ve listed here.

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  4. You should have included a video clip so we can hear them.

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  5. Never heard of them but all music has it’s fans.
    Joy Brigade Minion

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  6. Buti ka pa malapit lang aa 19 East. Hahaha! Eh malapit din ako pero sadyang ayaw ng tadhana.

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