Encounters With A Yeti

Taken from Pulp Live Magazine

Yetis are mythical ape like creatures that live in the Himalayas. In many ways, Encounters With A Yeti is a mythical creature in the Philippines. It is not that they are hard to find or a figment of people’s imaginations, rather it is because they should not exist at all in the Philippine music scene.

More than any other people, Filipinos love their lyrics. There is a reason why we claim that the karaoke as our own invention even though it actually came from Japan. We even have song books and magazines exclusively about lyrics from the most popular tunes. The reason is simple. We love to sing along. We love to sing, period.

Therein lies the mystery of Encounters with a Yeti. Here is a band that is purely instrumental. Not one of them sings. Their songs are what they call tonal poems, varying shifts of musicality as played on guitars and drums. The skill with which they play allows them to tell a story without words. The way they play is like being slowly drowed in music and you only have to close your eyes to take you to another place. It is almost spiritual in nature.

I think Encounters with a Yeti perfectly illustrates what would happen if you do meet a Yeti. You would be dumbfounded and the mystery cannot be solved. You do not understand it but then it does not want to be understood.

All that is left is the feeling that you have been profoundly touched.

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  1. Hoping Franco Reyes for Letter F. ❤❤❤

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  2. Ack so much apologies Brane and Aysa. Glitch caused me to double post. Accidentally deleted the post you had commented in


  3. “We love to sing, period.” – I strongly agree. Mapa kalye hanggang banyo, walang humpay. haha. Tapos ang usapan.😂

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  4. I know you guys love Karaoke 🙂

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