Bullet Dumas

Screenshot captured from Sofar's video

You really cannot go wrong with a name like Bullet Dumas. Trying to picture someone with that name evokes shades of Sarah Palin and French literature novelists. There is also definite street cred that precedes a name like Bullet. Then when you meet Bullet, you see a thin man with longish hair, saddled with a snaggle toothed grin. All previous preconceptions of the name vanish and you are confronted with the man himself, the mystery deepening.

Bullet is a Math teacher by profession but his passion is music. He sings with a voice that strips you bare. He sounds wounded but powerful, the claws of his words gripping you and exposing your truths and lies. His guitar play can only be described as intense.

Here he sings of a society that is making him angry, a society that simply does not care and refuses to listen. He attacks his guitar with a ferocity that threatens to destroy you.

There he croons of time not lost, because you spend it with someone you care for. His guitar is softer this time, but nonetheless is still moving and powerful.

Bullet Dumas aims for your hearts and souls. Before you realize it and you try to run away, he has already shot you down.



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  1. Gusto ko nga sya mapanood ng live. Balita ko madalas eh magkakasama sila nila Ebe at Juan Miguel Severo

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  2. i saw him perform in youtube. stirs up emo….. 🙂

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  3. That shot you down comment reminds me of the Bang Bang song used in Kill Bill movie. Sounds like his voice has a great effect on people.

    You have been minioned by Sheena-kay Graham
    Proud Minion of the Joy Brigade

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  4. Such an interesting name…Bullet. There is a guy here in my town namePistol

    Paula from
    Smidgen, Snippets, & Bits

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