Blogging From A to Z

So I joined an event.

The rules are you blog about topics starting from A to Z. I decided to write about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, the Local Music Scene.

So join me dear friends as I take you on a tour this whole month of April into to the mysteries and wonders of OPM. Hold my hand. You’re going to love this.

Note: I’ll try to get in as much currently active artists into my selections as possible. This may mean omitting such giants as. Eraserheads and Rivermaya so apologies in advance. This doesn’t mean you won’t be reading about big names in the series, just that it will be more geared towards the current scene. But the upside is that you’ll get to read about the newer or more obscure but nonetheless very good OPM artists.


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  1. Anticipating, yay! 😊


  2. Ay gusto ko to! Go OPM! 😀


  3. Mahal ko ang OPM. Kasalukuyan akong in love sa mga kanta ni Ebe Dancel at ng marami pang ibang indie OPM artists. Aabangan ko ‘to! 😊

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