Why Do We Write?


Why do we write?

We write because we can, we must, we want to.

We write to find ourselves, the version of our souls only we can see.

We write to find the hidden meanings of life, tucked in between the spaces of letters.

We write for ourselves, to heal the wounds the world inflicted upon us.

We write for others, to shine a light in their darkness.

We write to change the world, one reader at time.

We write because stories are powerful, and it cannot and will not be contained inside us for long.

We write, because we are writers. Anything less is a mockery of our artform.

We write because the past demands it, the present learns from it and the future needs it.

We write.

Because we are.


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  1. We write to change the world, one reader at a time. – ganda lang nito

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  2. And sometimes, we write because it’s our job and it pays the bills 😛

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  3. Ikaw na ba semesterwrite?

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  4. Your words…. they are so on point! Continue inspiring others please? 🙂

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