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I’m joining Jacqueline’s Echoes Of My Neighborhood. If you would like to join click on the hyperlink above. I’m not really a photographer so please excuse my photos.

Ever since I moved jobs, I have had a hard time finding a good gym. I’m a gym rat so working out is pretty much a must for me. So high and low I searched for a place to scratch my gym itch but sadly the choices were insufficient for my needs.


Suddenly, I spied something in the corner of my little eye one day while I was out sunning myself in the penthouse (writer’s note: I don’t really sun myself, it’s a figure of speech). It was this small building and emblazoned on its side are these words: Hybrid Yaw-Yan. I wanted to learn something new so I trooped on over there and signed up


To the uninitiated, Yaw-Yan is a Filipino Martial Art which in full is written as Sayaw ng Kamatayan. Translated into English, this means Dance of Death. In retrospect,  it sounds intimidating but it really isn’t. Half of the students when I got there were women wanting to learn self defense.


Anyway, Yaw Yan looks really similar to Muay Thai but the methods are actually based on Bolo Arnis, another Filipino Martial Art. Instead of sticks and Machetes, however, what you use are your own legs and hands. The Hybrid part comes from integrating other disciplines, like wrestling and jiu-jitsu.


The first few weeks, I learned how to strike and had to incorporate a ton of cardio and HIIT into my training.

I also love the grappling sessions as this is where I learn the most. The first thing they teach you is how to fall correctly (hugot: In hindsight, I should have learned this way, way earlier than this) and how to fight effectively on the ground.

At first it was strange when they sometimes partner you up with girls, as they have to straddle you on the ground, but you get used to it pretty quickly and there’s an almost familial aspect to the whole thing. Michelle, one of the girls was partnered with, is like half my age so I pretty much think of her as a sister. Plus the fact that she knows how to break my arms is pretty scary.



I'm not the half naked guy

Anyway, this is where I end my post. I share with you the creed we recite at the beginning and end of every training session.

The Yaw-Yan Creed

In these times of guns and knives,
I travel in this world nothing on my hands.
If anyone comes to molest
and evil begins to dominate
God is my only shield,
Faith is my guide,
Honor is my wealth,
Truth is my fortune,
and YAW-YAN is my weapon.



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  1. I hope I can exercise as much as you. Yours, as you said, is like Muay Thai, while mine is Nuat Thai. hahaha! (hugot iyon) As a person with diabetes, I should sweat more, and hope that I too will be like a gym rat, but as of the moment, I am, as they say, a church rat. Do take care. 😀

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  2. saka na ako magjo-join sa group…

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  3. This is actually really educational, for me anyway. I never knew we had another type of MMA, apart from Arnis. So thanks for sharing! 🙂 Also, the hugot part made me laugh. Haha!

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  4. ha ha ha on >>> they teach you how to fall correctly.
    I wonder how a gym rat looks like 😛


  5. Wow! I really hope I am as motivated as you. Sometimes I skip the exercise because I’m always tired from work plus parttimes 😦

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  6. I had never heard of any Filipino martial arts and have learned something new!

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  7. I just came up with your blog as I was searching for Yawyan. Thank you for writing this wonderful article about our very own FMA. I am from Yaw-Yan Buhawi in Marikina which is owned by Master Rey Yap. I’ve been practicing Yawyan MMA for two years now. I joined last 2014 at the age of 39 and was branded the same year after 4 months of training. My only regret was I did not know anything about the martial art during the 90’s when I was still in my prime years (16-24 years of age).So I started a little bit late and having problems with my flexibility. I can still perform some kicks though (can still kick as high as the level of my face), but there are Yaywan kicks that I cannot perform properly anymore (I am now 41). Some of this kicks really test your flexiblity such as: scorpion kick, mountain kick etc (there are more than 40 kicks in Yawyan)., I can do yawyan back kick but a little bit lower. If I’ve known Yawyan during that time I would have enrolled in it together with Aikido (which was popular during the 90s due to Steven Seagal). Anyway, Yawyan motivated me to quit smoking which was my habit for 20 years and change my lifestyle. It also made me healthier and my body leaner. Due to the positive results physically and mentally, my wife and son also joined last year. So now we are a family of Yawyan practitioners and trainees. Keep on training. Practice makes perfect. Again thank you.

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