I’ll Bleed for You


So I got myself a tattoo. I went to an old college buddy of mine and I got inked.

First off, the experience is not as painful as it’s made out to be. I mean it isn’t pleasant but the pain is really, really tolerable.

So why the tattoo? Well this is a transition year for me. I got out of the corporate world and I’m doing what I love to do – writing. So to celebrate my break from suits and ties, I decided to get a tattoo, something that would make it harder for me to be hired again in a corporate setting.

I’ve joked before that I wanted a unicorn tattoo, something to contrast my appearance right now (I look like a wooly mammoth or a bouncer at a heavy metal concert) but then again, I have nothing in common with unicorns.

So I decided to go with one of my all time favorite characters, Snoopy. Like him, I’m pretty much an independent soul and I pretty much make my own way in life. He’s also a tad bit lovesick (Fifi the poodle) and has a great imagination. I love how everything he writes starts with it was a dark and stormy night.

Anyway, that’s the snapshot of my life right now. I’ll be working on another story. See ya guys in a bit.



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  1. Love the tattoo. πŸ™‚

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  2. cool tattoo

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  3. Nice and meaningful…But you didn’t get the unicorn tattoo after all. I was looking forward to that πŸ˜›

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  4. OMG. I’ll bleed for you like a new tattoo.

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  5. Cool tattoo!

    Naiinis ako tuwing naiisip ko na mahihirapang i-hire pag may tatt. Lagi kasing sinasabi ng mga nasa paligid ko. Sasabihin ko naman na, “di naman nila ako ihahire para maging muse nila, ihire nila ako dahil sa skills ko.” Pero hindi maalis sa isip ko na oo mahuhusgahan pa rin, world e. Baka nga daw maghirap na lang ako dahil sa mga prinsipyo ko sa buhay haha!

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