The Versatile Blogger Award


Wootah! First award! Thank you Aysa! Much appreciated. Okay so I did take around a month to answer this. All apologies. December hits you like a brick wall and changing jobs and schedules beats the crapola out of me. Plus I had a heckuva hard time tagging everybody. Blogging your stuff 100% of the time on a phone has its merits but sometimes I wish I had a laptop (which reminds me, if anyone is willing to donate a Microsoft Surface I am very much a willing donee).

Anyway, I’m not too familiar with the way awards work so I copied the description on Aysa’s page.

When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.  

Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.

Here are the rules:

Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination. Share seven (7) different facts about  yourself.

I do realize that almost of you guys probably have this award in your virtual trophy cases and if so, you don’t have to make another post about this.

Anyway, here’s are my nominations:

1) A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales Jacqueline is one of the nicest bloggers around. Her writing is on point and she writes about everything under the sun.

2) Musings of Signorina
Mel was one of the first people to discover this lonely corner of mine in cyberspace. Honestly, if she didn’t encourage me to write more I don’t know if this blog would have continued past its first week.

3) Kat
If anyone should be counted as a versatile blogger, it has to be Kat. She writes about everything, from music to recipes.

4) Poems & Shits
My brother from another mother, Hugoterong Katsupoy. No, he’s not me even though we make hugot a lot and I just found out today that we have the same theme (my reader doesn’t show the themes, only the content). But we pretty much have the same take on the same subject – love and all its pitfalls. Sometimes we do it with humor, sometimes with bitterness. Except he does it with poetry while I do it with prose.

5) A Real Messy Beautiful Twisted Sunshine
Oooooh EDM reference!

Pancake Bunnykins also writes about everything under the sun. If you want to read about the experiences of a Filipina in Suriname, this is your blog.

6) Middle Me
Kally is the resident HR expert of the Interwebs. If you have problems with your job or you’re having problems with your co-workers, she is your go to girl.

7) Penpowersong
I don’t know why but I’ve always imagined Apolinario Villalobos as an old gentleman whiling away the time in a mansion somewhere in the provinces although I’ve never seen him let alone know his age (apologies in advance, sir). Anyway, if you like great slice of life stories in the Philippines, you can do no better than Mr. Villalobos.

8) Harsh Reality
Probably one of the best experts on blogging here. If you want to learn how to be a great blogger, this is the place to go.

9) Tammy Mezera
Tammy is one of the best poets around. Smart, incisive and thoughtful, her poetry is a real treat.

10) Punjetry
Paging Unjellanera! Where have you gone? One of the funniest girls on the blogosphere.

11) Literature Is My Porn
Don’t let the title fool you, she’s one of the best young poets on the blogosphere. Her poems are some of the best I’ve read and speak of maturity beyond her years.

12) Doctor Eamer’s Blog
If your heart is aching, Doctor Eamer has the cure. Who says being single doesn’t qualify you to be a love expert?

13) Eris Goes To
I swear this girl got bitten by the travel bug and she got bitten hard. If you like traveling, Luna’s blog is the place to be.

14) Debwashere
I immensely enjoy reading her adventures on the other side of the globe. For a dash of African flavor, please go visit her blog.

15) Mental Break in Progress
If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m manic-depressive. I found Cavelle’s blog while looking for a kindred spirit and  I found one if the sweetest girls online. She’s out there keeping in touch with fellow bipolars and helping them cope.

16) Aysabaw
Haha. I’m not really nominating Aysa but since she nominated me I thought I’d return the favor. She’s one of the sassiest girls on the blogosphere, and her blog gives a ton of insight into the lives of Filipinos living in the Middle East.

Seven Different Facts About Myself:

1) Whilst in high school, I once won third place in a stand up comedy contest. There were only four contestants.

2) My personal record for a one rep max for the deadlift is 191 kilos or around 420 pounds. That probably means I can carry you in my arms.

3) I hate sinigang. I don’t know why since I actually like sour stuff. Something about a childhood trauma about a fish I guess.

4) I was once part of the University of the Philippines Debate Society. I only have one win under my belt.

5) I have traveled to around thirty countries and counting. I’m going to Korea this May and probably to Eastern Europe this September.

6) I once fell down a mountain in Switzerland. As far as I know I’m still alive. Or maybe I’m stuck in a coma somewhere and this is all a dream.

7) I am an amateur dog trainer. All the dogs I have are house trained and know at least seven tricks. I have a dachshund and a pitbull. I plan on getting a corgi eventually.



Add yours →

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination. 😀 And, congratulations! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heyy!!! Thanks for the nomination! Btw, I didn’t get any pingback! I guess there’s a problem with pingbacks again, but you can try posting this link in one of your nominees’ posts, so they’ll know.
    Anyway, congratulations!!! Cheers! Wishing you more awards to come. 😀
    I also don’t like sinigang and I don’t know why! Hahaha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. haha. natawa ako sa sassiest girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats!…you deserve it!…mahirap gawin ang ginagawa mo sa totoo lang- pilit na kino-concize ang material upang mapaigsi pero kumpleto pa rin at hindi napuputol ang flow of thoughts…sa tamang panahon, I will post my photo…more power to you!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Thank you for the nomination! I’m honoured 😀 It was fun reading those facts you shared 🙂


  6. In case you won’t receive any pingbacks, here is my response to your nomination:
    Thank you once again, Ared. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That point no.6. My favourite. Not the part of you falling, rather the part that you could be a ghost…or something. Thank you for the nomination, and for introducing me to other bloggers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Mr. Hugutero! Thank you for this! *kilig* Hahaha I’ll be back soon. I was just dealing with a ALATTA stuff lately. told me about this. I’ll be doing a lot of backread from your posts maybe in The Weeknd (charaught) or when I have time (feeling busy).

    Not just thanking you for the nomination but I’m more thankful of a writer like you. Kokonti nalang ang tulad mo and pwede din, nagiisa ka lang! Ang galing mo magsulat. Filipino or English pero gusto ko naman gawin mong Chinese or Arabic para talaga maging kakaiba ka. Hehe. Again, thank you & God bless! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Omg Red, brother! Am so honored! 🙂 Thanks for this. 🙂
    Cheers to blogging!

    (Notes on your personal facts):
    1. Not bad. 😀
    2. Omo. Makes me remember you mentioning about being a bouncer in a heavy metal concert. 😀
    3. What happened with you and the fish?
    4. OMG. Hats off again.
    5. Can I be in your luggage? 😀 Don’t forget your posts on these places so we can somehow feel like being there too! Haha.
    6. Shocks. That’s terrible. But God is good talaga. May mission ka pa brother. 🙂
    7. Have you seen her again? The girl with the dog you once met? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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