Lumbersexual. Someone actually called me a lumbersexual today. I mean this is not the first time I have heard of the term. For the uninitiated, being a lumbersexual means that you look like a lumberjack. That usually means growing a beard and looking a bit outdoorsy. I looked at myself and there I was, sporting a full beard, a plaid shirt, some bootcut jeans and brogues. I have not had a decent haircut in months and pretty soon I could probably tie it up in a decent manbun come February. I’m also on the blocky side and by that I mean that I look like I could take on a bear. Scratch that, I actually look like a bear, a veritable grizzly. It does not help that I am at least one eight Spanish and my prominent meztiso features are just adding to the overall effect.

Okay, this was not entirely by accident. I did choose what I was going to wear and if there was something my three sisters have taught me, you have to wear thematically sound and stylistically attuned clothes. Growing up, my sisters would kill me if they saw me wearing something that broke the rules, ie I once wore suspenders with a belt and apparently that is heresy in men’s clothing.

The thing is, I did not set out for me to look this way. It just sort of happened. Maybe it is an outgrowth of a changing of personas. Last year, I had a very corporate cosmopolitan look – ties (in solid colors), slacks, long sleeved shirts. I was clean shaven and had P300 haircuts (at this point I feel many would say I am a tad bit narcissistic but hey, we all have our little vanities). I had to look like I could kill in the boardroom. I was also pretty extroverted. I could talk to anybody and everybody. I had the corporate hand shake down pat (firm, not to hard but definitely conveying some sort of power).

Yet now, I am slowly becoming more introverted. I am withdrawing into a shell of my own and I am disengaging from the outside world. I think that is what is prompting the change in what I wear. It is as if my mind is registering the sudden shift in the personalities I had and it is manifesting itself in my clothes. You see, what I am wearing right is a stereotype in my head of what writer’s look like – introverted types who hie off to the woods and write to their hearts content.

I do not know though, maybe I am just over analyzing myself. Or maybe someone said that I looked cute as a lumbersexual. Shrug.

Anyway, I’m off to look for an axe. Do not ask me why, I just feel like it. And maybe a pipe.



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  1. Hahahaha. Goodluck with the axe. And the pipe.

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  2. wew.. Lumbersexual.. first time kong mabasa o malaman ang meaning ahahha.. hmm

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  3. Haha๐Ÿ˜Š you should have taken a selfiie and posted it as well

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  4. I’m thinking it was all on the cute girl! Has to be. I had to google the images that went along with the words to picture what the cute girl saw.:-) Am thinking it was a big complement now.

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  5. Interesting… made me think of what my own, interior visual of a writer. I would have to say I imagined myself in the third dimension with an old typewriter and clicking keys, pen over ear, cigarette in ashtray, coffee steaming in cup, and an Einstein hairdo by 5pm after a full day of word folly.

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    • That image kinda reminds me of how Pullitzer would look like, except with Einstein hair.

      As for me, maybe it’s because one of my favorite authors is Stephen King and lives in Maine. I sorta imagine him in a cabin somewhere writing out the next great horror story or overlooking a cliff and just watching the Atlantic and waiting for inspiration to come.

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      • Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? Maine is so beautiful too, a perfect writing atmosphere. I wrote a poem about it called “Glory of a Summer Row’ after vacationing there. And yes, Steven King is brilliant! There are a lot of lumbersexual types there hehe.

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  6. May ganun palang term. Haha! Thank you for another word to add to my vocabulary. LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. “I had to look like I could kill in the boardroom.”. ๐Ÿ˜€

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