You Should Be Flossing

Floss regularly.
There is much evidence that your dental health is directly related to your overall health.
Even if you don’t care about your health, having teeth does wonders for the way you look.

Own a dog. Or even a cat.
Being in charge of something else’s life makes you forget how badly you’re mismanaging your own.

Shave with hot water.

Wear a black belt with black shoes.
Wear a brown belt with brown shoes.
Wear a plain tie with a patterned shirt.
Wear a patterned tie with a plain shirt.
Or forget about all these rules on how you should dress and be yourself.
At the end of the day, the people who really care about you wouldn’t care about how well you dress.

Learn how to woo another person.
This is the most practical skill anybody can learn.

Respect other people’s beliefs.

Learn to love another person.
You will inevitably hurt yourself.
You will be heartbroken.
At the end of the day though, we learn that love conquers all.

Learn to sing at least one popular song.
That way you have something to sing at your friend’s karaoke party.

Lift heavy.
Being strong never hurt anybody.
And when your stuck underneath a car, you’ll be glad that you trained properly, and you’ll remember this advice and thank me.

Do not believe doomsday preppers.
The world would probably not end next Tuesday.
If the world did end, nothing we do will ever prepare us for that eventually.
But do learn from them.
You never know when you will need to hunt for your own food or make your own fire or create your own fortress.

Remember that force is equals to mass multiplied by acceleration.
Read into that what you will.


For that matter, write.

Travel the world, but do not forget home.

Do not always respect authority.
But do not do anything illegal.

Do not believe in everything that the Internet says.
Jet fuel cannot melt steel beams.
Morgan Freeman is still alive.
Lemon water will not make you thin.
It will however make drinking water that much more enjoyable.

Drink a lot of water.

Get paid for doing something you love.
Then remember that money isn’t everything.

Do not follow any advice unless you trust that person absolutely, even mine.
After all, even I don’t trust myself.

And when all else fails remember this.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select, Start.

And don’t forget to floss.


This is a response to Kat’s Music Monday post.

Based on Baz Luhrmann’s epic spoken word piece Everyone’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).



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  1. Whoa! The video is actually quite uplifting. Thanks for sharing ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is the best thing to read in the morning when I am thinking of what I will change in me in 2016. Thank yoy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One of my favorite songs!! Salamat! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. TRUE. Learn to sing at least one popular song.
    That way you have something to sing at your friendโ€™s karaoke party. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

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