Love: A Cynical Perspective

Love hurts. The process of loving someone is akin to carving your heart out, giving it to someone and watching as that person steps on it over and over again. Then you cannot stand the pain of it any longer and you run away, but all you’re doing is running in circles and you find yourself in the same place again, watching that sad, sad scene over and over until you stop being sick of it and become so numb to everything else that you don’t feel anything for a while.

Love is a lie. It is a chemical response in the brain hoodwinking the world, telling the world that the heart is feeling these things but it’s not. It’s the brain perpetuating a biological imperative to procreate, filling you with all these useless emotions. It is the greatest con ever pulled. It is a magic trick where the magician is you and you only fool yourself.

Love is an illusion. You imagine a life where everything is perfect and in its proper place, but it always never is what you imagined. Reality sets in and you see life for what it really is – ugly, brutal and unforgiving.

Love is telling yourself that it’s the worst thing in the world. It is telling yourself to stop loving because it hurts, because it is a lie, because it is an illusion. Love is telling yourself all of these things AND NOT BELIEVING A SINGLE WORD OF IT.


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