Last Waltz


I take your left hand in mine. My other hand is on your waist while you rest yours on my shoulder. When the music plays, we move. One, two, three, four.  One, two, three, four. We glide across the floor. We’re like the clockwork toys my grandpa used to make.

You look so beautiful. I think you just  came out of a storybook, and I’m nowhere near the prince you deserve. I stumble but we don’t stop. We go on dancing like the night was always ours.

Sweat beads on your brow but all I see is your porcelain smile. And we keep on dancing. Dancing like the whole world was watching us. You don’t know it yet but you just saved my life. You make the sadness fade from my eyes. Holding you close like this, you give me such an inescapable joy that even my fragile mind can’t break.

And when the dance is over, you fall into my arms. The music keeps playing, and the world spins around us.We smile. I mumble my thanks as your boyfriend takes you away from me. Then as I watch you walk away, I whisper goodbye to my fairy tale.

This is inspired by one of my all time favorite songs, Last Waltz by Franco.

I wanted to respond to Kat’s Music Monday post but I sorta forgot when I got called away to a last minute sales support call.



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  1. Awww. 😦 Nice story though.

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  2. To me you’re just a fairytale

    nice song and nice piece.


  3. Great story for the song. It matches the rain drops on our rooftop as I read the story with Franco in the background. 😀

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