The Things I Know

I know the state capital of Florida
I know twenty different kinds of dinosaurs
I know that Jupiter is made of gas

I know that you can’t hold your breath for more than three minutes.
I know that the sky is blue only to humans
I know why you should never give orchids as a gift

I know that dogs are loyal
I know how to hold babies
I know why you should always bring a handkerchief

I know why you were crying that day
I know why your smile is beautiful
I know why I get lost in your eyes

I know that I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you
I don’t know how to stop
I don’t know how I can forget



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  1. but wait…why shouldn’t you give orchids as gift? πŸ˜›

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  2. And of course I treed holding my breath for 3 minutes, and failed terribly. Nice piece.

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  3. mentalbreakinprogress December 11, 2015 — 6:03 am

    Love this and I am glad I now know why you don’t give orchids as gifts lol on a serious note, I feel for you near the end…love is bittersweet ❀


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