A Letter to All the Heartbreakers in the World

Dear Heartbreaker,

Hello. How are you? It’s us, the frienzoned besties, the secret admirers, the nerdy little fools with their heads buried in books,the quiet people loving you from afar. If you don’t know who you are, please know that you have given us a feeling of indescribable joy and heartcrushing sadness that only loving people like you can bring.

This letter is to tell you a few things and moreover, to ask of you to consider a few suggestions. Take note that these are merely just suggestions, it is up to you if you ever want to follow them. We certainly do not want to impose anything on you, that is the furthest thing from our minds.

First of all, please allow us to tell you what we feel. Know that you are like heavenly creatures to us. We do not know why you deign to visit this mortal plane with your presence, but we would like to make it known that you give us this moment of incandescence that we will treasure in our hearts. You are in our thoughts night and day and you motivate us to do things we never imagined doing. With that, please allow us to thank you, for shining a light into the darkness of our souls.

Next, please allow us to say this. You are beautiful. No matter how much you tell us that you are not pretty or you look plain and ordinary, please know that inside our hearts you are the most beautiful thing that the good Lord has created on this forsaken earth. Everytime you say you are not beautiful, our mind twists in agony with that falsehood. How can you say that you are not beautiful, when your smile leaves us speechless and when we lose ourselves in your eyes. We notice every detail about you – the way the sun strikes your hair, the way you laugh at the tiniest things, the way you are smarter and kinder than you give yourself credit for. Yes, we know that we have this idealized vision of you, and this is not sustainable, but please grant us this one daydream of you. At least, in one person’s eyes you are perfect and you need never prove anything to us in anyway.

Next we ask for forgiveness for a few things. Forgive us for our grand gestures, our expressions of the way we feel. Love moves us to do crazy things. Please forgive us for giving you a gigantic teddy bear which you had to carry all the way home. Please forgive us for hiring a skywriter to write your name in the sky. Please forgive us for the countless flowers that we have killed to send to you. When love takes hold, it is hard to control our actions. We do not realize how much it can make you uncomfortable to receive such things, just know that we mean you no harm. In the future, when we are hearts our tempered with more maturity, we promise to give more thought in the things we do.

Moreover, if we are artists, we beg your forgiveness for immortalizing you in our work. You are the Muses of our greatest achievements. Da Vinci had his La Giaconda. Shakespeare had his Juliet. We have you. Do not fret if after a few years you find your name in the pages of a book, your likeness in a sculpture in a museum. Our art is a reflection of the world we live in, and if we must create beauty,  then we draw on our image of what is beautiful. It just so happens that what is beautiful to us, our closest approximation of perfection, is you.

Please forgive us if we do not tell you what we feel. The outpouring of emotions is one of the hardest things to do. Like most people, we fear rejection. The knowledge that someone does not reciprocate what you feel kills something inside us.

More importantly, break it to us gently. Do not treat us cruelly. Falling in love is a perfectly ordinary emotion which everyone will experience at least once. We cannot control what we feel about you and every act you do is magnified a hundred times over. However, do not lead us on. A lie unconvered hurts more than any harsh truth that you give us. So make it swift. Make it end faster. But remember…do it gently.

Finally, know that all we want is your happiness, even if that means you do not find our happiness with us. With that, please find someone who loves you as much as we do. We want you to be loved by a person that is worthy of your love. It hurts us more if you are with a person that does not see your value or appreciate who you are.

We end with this note. Take care always. If in the future, our paths cross again and we are better equipped to love you, give us a chance. You will always find a place in the corners of our hearts.


The Broken



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  1. Wow .. Beautiful words. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mentalbreakinprogress December 7, 2015 — 1:02 am

    Beautiful! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Jillian Vergara January 1, 2016 — 3:23 pm

    Great post! Lalim ng hugot. Sa sobrang lalim, pati ako nalunod. Haha. It is so kind of you to still wish for their happiness after getting your heart broken. Not that I’m wishing otherwise. Hindi ko lang. Basta. Happy New Year! Cheers to all na-broken hearted. 😀

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