Dog Days

I’ve felt that I have been a trifle bit depressing lately, so let’s shift gears. Let’s go to a happier place for a moment. I own two wonderful dogs, Dhalsim and Akuma.


Dhalsim is a dachshund, those long stubby legged dogs that look like sausages. Out of the two dogs, he is the little tyrant. He may be small but he is feisty.


Akuma on the other hand is an American Bully, which is an offshoot of the American Pitbull Terrier. Basically, they are bigger more muscular APBTs with friendlier demeanors. Of the two, Akuma is the friendlier of the bunch and definitely more affectionate. He’s just four months old right now but soon he will be huge.

Being a dog owner has taught me a lot of things.  First, I strongly believe in the pack mentality that Cesar Milan teaches on television.  You can’t baby your dogs because that’s not how in works in the pack. They need calm and decisive leadership.  I love my dogs but to truly love them, you have to give them three things: Exercise, Discipline and then Affection, in that order. If you don’t, it becomes a recipe for disaster. Secondly, dogs give you an enormous sense of responsibility.  You are basically in charge of the life of a living thing and you can’t take that lightly. Finally, dogs are emotional beings too. They sense when you’re feeling down and they instinctively go to you when they know your hurting. In many ways, even if I’m responsible for them, they take care of me in their own way.



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  1. Awww.. Your dogs are so sweet and they look fantastic in the photos!

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  2. I liked having two dogs so that they were never lonely, but my big dog is gone now and I’m left with the dachshund. He’s a dear and faithful friend!

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  3. Aaaaccckkk!! Smiling all throughout while reading!!! Such heavenly pets! :’) If I could just pinch my screen! Haha. And did you name Dhalsim after Street Fighter because they have the same complexion? Teehee

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  4. “They sense when you’re feeling down and they instinctively go to you when they know your hurting.” -Makes me want to have one NOW.

    I have been dreaming to have a dog. 😦 They treat you as you treat them. My grandpa can attest to that. His stories with his dogs and all other touching dog-man stories, all of ’em centering to how these dogs act as heroes to their owners, are just aaargh. Someday, I’m gonna have one. πŸ™‚

    Good to know you have dogs, Ared! Dhalsim looks friendly than Akuma. πŸ˜€

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  5. Waaah. Dog Lover din. πŸ˜› I’ve got one dog, Herra, chowpitz. And we also have three more dogs owned by my dad and sis. Two Japanese spitz and One Pompitz. Cool.. :))

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