Training Day

I ran today. I must have ran a decent five kilometers before my lungs were burning and then I had to stumble home. Not my personal best but one and a half weeks in the hospital will do that you. It felt good to be moving again.

I actually wanted to do some High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. That’s where you sprint full speed and the rest for a few seconds,  then you go all out again. It sounds taxing and it is. After a HIIT session your legs feel like jelly and you are literally sucking wind. It’s painful and I love it.

Maybe soon I’ll be back to powerlifting. Nothing validates you more than moving big heavy weights around like they were nothing. It’s primal, almost

I love running. I love lifting weights. I also love playing basketball until I drop. In fact, I’m not that good at all when I play basketball.  I can’t shoot. I can’t dribble. I can’t pass. All that training however has left me with an engine that won’t stop and even though I’m on the short side, I use my power and motor to bully people in the post and get rebounds. Sakuragi had it right. He who controls the rebounds, controls the game. That mindset has given my teams three championships.

I have always had this relationship with exercise and sort. I always want to give it my all. A part of this is my natural competitiveness.  I’m one of those people who always likes to win. Base as it may sound, in his heart of hearts, all men are compelled to be winners. I think it’s a vestige of the mindset of our caveman ancestors. Back then, if you didn’t fight, if you didn’t struggle, the world will eat you up.

The other reason I go all out is because exercise and sports obliterates all else in my mind. It fills me with a singular purpose. When I run, everything in my head is transformed into a single thought. My feet pounding the pavement, propelling me forward made me feel as if I had control over my life. All that fills me is a single thought. Move. When I lift and when I play, my world shrinks. In that moment, I quiet the demons in head and I calm the storm in my heart. Suddenly, I’m not afraid of what tomorrow will bring and I learn to live in the present.



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  1. maynotbesoanonymous November 2, 2015 — 4:26 pm

    That “other” reason you have for exercising is the same reason why I like target shooting – it keeps my mind clear, focused on a single thing alone. It’s like putting your headphones on and blanking out the world, except you don’t just shut the world outside, you get to silence the universe of tangled questions and uncertainties too.
    I hope you recover swiftly. πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s great . Well done . I enjoy running too but not fast 😁

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