I am pretty much hopped up on drugs now, and because some of them are really awesome painkillers, the doctor did advice me not to get too attached to them because I might get addicted to them. That got me thinking about addiction in general. What is an addiction anyway?

No matter how you put it, in one way or another we are addicted to something. You get addicted to something when your brain is telling you to compulsively do something. In fact, addiction is considered a neurological disorder, because addiction actually changes the way your brain works. The brain of an addict reacts differently and it actually tells you to want these things or else. Soon, it becomes a physical dependency. Your body now craves for whatever it is you are addicted to. Not getting your fix puts your body in a blender.

I am addicted to caffeine. I cannot go a day without either drinking coffee (I drink mine black) or grabbing a Coke (always a Zero). I simply cannot last a day without getting my caffeine fix. Not getting my caffeine causes me to get these huge tension headaches and I generally am not a nice person to be with. I tried giving up caffeine for Lent one time and it was a hell and you literally could not talk to me.

Come to think of it, falling in love is like an addiction. Your brain is telling you that you want someone. It is irrational. You just cannot explain it totally but you know you are in love. Then, compulsively you look for that person you love. You keep searching and searching until you get that fix. Love has changed your brain works.

It also becomes a physical dependency. You literally hurt if you do not get your love fix. Anyone who has gone through heartbreak knows this. Your chest hurts.  You feel disoriented. You feel something wrong in the world, like there’s something missing in your life.

And like other addictions, love is a hard habit to kick. You cannot simply stop being in love with someone. It takes time. It takes a process of detoxification that will leave you in pain most of the time. Except in this case, it’s an addiction we willingly and knowingly seek and search for because the greatest thing in the world is to love and to be loved in return. Love is the ultimate drug and we become its willing slaves. Now all we need is to get our dealer and get the ultimate fix.


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  1. A wonderful different point of view on addiction. I never view my cravings as an addiction at all.

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