Our Song Plays On

Late one Friday, I was in one of my moods. You know how Friday night is. It’s the end of the week and you just want to go out and have some fun.  Then I heard that Urbandub was playing nearby.

My love affair with Urbandub began in the early days of college. Emo screamo and post-grunge were all the rage back then and the coño kids were sporting runny mascara and black nail polish. All the girls were cooing over pogi rock. Then NU 107.5 started playing this awesome band from Cebu who sounded like they came from an altogether different scene. You couldn’t categorize their sound. It was reggae. It was rock. It was dub. Who knew what else?

Who was this band who sounded hard rock but sang about heartbreak with more real emotion than the emos themselves? The lyrics had “hugot” but did not have the artificial rage that “emotional” music had. It had a sweetness that was not saccharine at all. It was bitterness but the kind of bitterness that you didn’t spit out but the kind you savored like the last kiss goodbye. It pulled you but it didn’t drag you down. It was pulse pounding sadness.

From the moment I picked up Influence I was hooked forever. Gone hit me like a pile of bricks while Sailing would forever be dirty little song that would always play in my head whenever I got bored. Then next came Embrace and I had my anthem. First of Summer spoke to me like no other. It was like Gabby specifically wrote that song for me. My car had that on repeat for like forever. I kept coming back. It was catharsis. It was healing music for a young man who always felt misunderstood.

And now it’s 2015 and they just recently announced that they were breaking up. Now they’re just winding down their last few gigs before a final goodbye. It’s like losing a part of your soul in a way.

I promised myself that I would see them at least one time before they finally called it quits. And there I was at 19 East, me nursing a cold beer while waiting for all the front acts to finish. Then Gabby went up the stage. The bassist (the one who replaced Lalay) was vapeing away who knows what hallucinogens on stage, the smoke covering everyone. Then the bass line plays and I was back in college. Beautiful.

Our song plays on….



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  1. I loved that song, first of summer! So much memories 😀

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  2. Time has a way of healing, or so they say ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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  3. First of Summer is my 2006 summer song!

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