A Toast

Attention! Attention please! Brothers and sisters! Friends! I request for a moment of your time. I propose a toast. A toast from the bottom of my weary, abused and broken heart. A toast to make all toasts shudder in fear for it is a toast to end all other toasts. If this is an idle boast, then I ask your forgiveness. If found too lengthy and too melancholy, I again humbly ask for your pardon.

First and foremost, we say a prayer to Saint Michael, in whose honor this particular brew has been named. We pray that it does not blind our eyes, but rather our souls. We pray that it blinds us to the depravity of our lives and that it blinds us to the sadness and pain that this cruel, cruel world has to offer. As we take this poison, we pray that it does not kill us, but we hope that it kills the monsters and demons that grip our fragile hearts and minds.

Next we offer this toast to the departed. May your souls find the rest and peace that this mortal realm so frugally offers. Your battles are over. Your reward is hard fought and hard won. Your pain has ended. You are free. And if your souls are with us tonight, we spill these libations in your honor. Find rest here, dear friends, and join us for this drink.

We offer this toast to the greatest of all emotions. We offer this toast to LOVE. No other emotion can lay claim to what love does to us. It is the sum total of all the joy, all the fear, all the anger and all the sadness. It makes us laugh. It makes us cry to the heavens. This toast is for love found, and love lost and love that is found again and lost once more. This is for love that is unending and for love that has ended. This is for love that is a roaring flame and love that is a gasping ember. We raise our glasses to love. May we all find it in this life or the next.

We offer this toast to the people we love. We bare our souls to you and humbly ask that you accept this simple offering. You give us reason to awaken every morning. You give the blank canvas of our lives all the colors. If you love us back, then you will find a joy that is indescribable and no words will suffice to illustrate the happiness that you will give us. If you do not return our love, we will understand. Not right away, for rejection is one of the hardest things to bear. In time, we will come to accept this reality. Know this however: we love you and your name is forever written in our hearts and our souls will keep searching for you until the world comes to a crashing end.

We offer this toast to the people who love us. We are all broken creatures and you fill our brokenness with your love. We offer our humble gratitude for this great gift. We hope that we are worthy of your love, and if we are unworthy, may our unworthiness not deter you from loving us all the more. It is the unworthy who require the most love and by loving us, we find the sunshine that dispels the darkness of our souls.

We offer this toast to the people who once loved us and the people who we once loved. Our tales may have ended in tragedy but you are vital characters in the story of our lives. A thousand pardons for any pain we have caused you and we forgive you a thousand times for any pain you may have caused us. If our stories cross again and we are fated to be together, then let us embrace and find our happiness side by side. If not, remember that we loved you and there is no better thread to bind us. May bitterness and anger not rule over us and our meetings and partings be sweet and amicable. Our fervent wish is that you too may find love, if not with us, then with a person who will love you with a passion that you truly and genuinely deserve.

To the brokenhearted and the unloved, we have not forgotten you. You have struggled. You have fought well. You have climbed the highest mountain, and you have shouted your unutterable feelings to the world. Yet no matter how lofty your love or how noble your intentions are, it may be something not meant to happen in this world. In light of this, we give you an exhortation. Do not stop struggling. Do not stop fighting. Do not stop loving. You are a valiant warrior for the cause of love. Rally to our banners! There we will be your comrades-in-arms in the long days to come. We will struggle with you. We will fight at your side. If in this battle, we fail and we fall, it would be an honor to have done it by your side for there is no greater cause than the cause of love.

We do not toast the cheaters and the thieves of lovers. Rather, we give you an admonishment. You wretches! You knaves! A curse upon you and all your kind! We hope that you are reborn in the next life as a worm of the lowest order, fit only to eat the refuse of the world. We hope the light has stopped shining from your eyes. We hope you never find happiness. However, do know that we realize that this may be a moment of weakness on your part. If so, we forgive you, trusting that you shall not do so again. If not, then pfah! Begone with you demons. We do not need your ilk in our lives.

Finally, a toast to the heartbreakers. Keep on breaking hearts. You do not know that you are the moon and stars that guide us in the dark night. You do not know that your beauty inflames our imagination. It is not your fault that you are who you are. Realize that you give fuel for the creation of beautiful things. For out of our pain and suffering, we find our words. We find the indelible images that pierce the soul. We find the music that make grown men weep. Just let us make one request to you. Be gentle. Be kind. Our hearts are already broken. Do not add to that pain.

To the lovers of the world! Friends one and all! Let us drink tonight! Let us drink to past loves and to whatever the future brings us! Let us drink to remember and let us drink to forget! Let this night end with our hearts aflame! Let our hearts weep and let our hearts heal! Let us drink to the wounds that never heal and the scars that give us meaning!




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  1. Pagkatapos kong mabasa ito, ito lang ang masasabi ko, “cause baby now we got bad blooooooodddddd.” 😛 Cheers!

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