Independence Day

Hey, I’m writing this as you sleep so don’t wake up yet. Today has been tiring for the both of us, but you need the rest more than I do. I want you to know that yes, things are difficult right now and you feel like you can’t get over this. But you will. It will take time. It will take a lot of false starts. And the pain is so intense right now that you don’t know what to do. And that’s okay.

You asked me how do you go on. You asked me how do you handle this. I don’t know. If I knew I would have answered you already. Nobody knows how to handle this.

But know this…YOU WILL GET OVER THIS. It might take a long time but you will get over this. Not right now because no wound closes on the first day but I promise you this wound will heal.

Also, don’t feel worthless. In my eyes, I see a wonderful human being. Remember that you are the girl who smiles like the sunshine and that was one of the truest and best things I ever wrote. You are loved by me and all your friends and I’m always, always going to be here for you. I know this is poor consolation because I know you want him to be with you but if I could take all or even a fraction of the hurt you feel right now then I would. YOU ARE LOVED. Remember that.

So when you wake up tomorrow and get on that airplane, when you get to where you are going, do everything in your power to move on. Make new memories. Try as much as possible to spend your money on new things that will make you forget him. Even if you’re not up to it try to enjoy your trip. The best way to heal a wound is to have a bandage and let time take its course. Let this trip be your bandage.

Call me when you get back okay? I’ll be waiting for you.


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