We are Constantly Afraid

We are constantly afraid.  We are afraid of the dark. We are afraid of spiders. We are afraid of being inadequate. We are afraid of being alone.We are afraid of being lost in our own thoughts because nothing magnifies our fears than talking to the one person who knows what we are afraid of. Ourselves.

We are constantly afraid. We trap ourselves in cages and constructs of our own making, gripping our souls in things that cannot be described yet has been felt by everyone who ever cared about anything. We are afraid of losing the things we care for and the things that keep us up at night.

We are constantly afraid. We know that in our heart of hearts that we are facing walls, awaiting our own executions. We are afraid because we cannot see the guns pointed at us, yet we know that they are there. We are afraid of the blind certainty of our own mortality and we wait for the final bellow of the guns and the fearful bite of the bullet which ends our lives.

But fear has its own purpose. Fear is the best motivator in the world.  Fear is what motivates the gazelle to run faster than the lion and it is what motivates us to escape our own demons. Fear improves us like nothing else can. It gives us opportunities to liberate ourselves. There is no freedom without chains, and if fear is our chain, our triumph is not complete without the fears that held us down.

Fear doesn’t define us, but it gives us opportunities to define what we truly are. Our fear forms part of who we are. You cannot be yourself without something of which we are afraid and our response to fear is what makes us heroes and villains, cavaliers and cowards.

I am constantly afraid. I am constantly in a struggle against it. For that I am thankful.

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