In this world, we crave one thing: repricocity. We want to get what we give. We want our kind acts to be repaid with kindness. We want people who hurt us to be hurt in turn. It’s a selfish notion but there is still a fundamental truth to it.

We don’t even crave for an exact return. We want the old lady at the bus to smile at us because we gave up our seat for her. We want the food that we pay for to be nourishing and delicious. We want our governments to work because of the taxes we pay. We want people to want us too. Therein lies the great human condition. Unfulfilled, this is the source of all our pain. This is what kills us inside.


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  1. True.

    In my case, I crave for a simple ‘Thank You’ from a person I gladly show some kindness. And I really get hurt when I don’t get it. 😐


  2. True that it becomes a source of pain. It isn’t a human condition as always. Sometimes, we don’t notice that these things in return that we demand are our needs. To be appreciated, to be loved, to be nourished, to be cared for – these are all due for us to live. But, we should be able to separate the selfish motives with the ones we really need.

    Ared, tama? Napadaan lang pero babalik-balik din. Salamat sa pagbabasa sa blog ko. Cheers sa mas marami pang hugot! 🙂

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. But at the moment, I only crave for a cup of coffee. And I want my coffee to love me back. :/


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